Pure I

The root of my work came from the question of “who am I?” but this ‘I’ is not only about identity, it is invisible force. My artwork was influenced by a French philosopher Gilles Deleuze’s theory that describes the subjectless subjectivity and pure immanence. According to Deleuze’s theory, the subject ‘I’never existed in the first place; it appears in the aesthetic moments either in the creation of art and appreciation of it, or on the edge of the immanence. Since I read this,I was seriously considering the subject ‘I’ and I have arrived at the central theme of pure spirit or pure immanence which I call Pure I. Pure I exists at the beginning of the stage before we are born. As we go through our life, Pure I is covered by structured things such as race, name and more. Pure I appears without order: no rule, no judgment, and no structure.

My works are an exploration of the way lose myself in order to meet Pure I. It is a process in which intention and intuition are battling to seek Pure I. It is instinctively painted that both drives decision and embraces accident by layering paint to build forms. It begins with are realistically sketched self-portrait based a photograph. Then I cover or erase the initial subject and re-paint the new layers until it is almost buried. Additionally,I apply dots as meditation in a variety of processes. I use a fusion of vivid colors and gestural marking or aggressive paint handling with deconstructed images of figure form.

The above image that I have designed is a succinct concept of the theme of my artwork. It is a figure form constructed with dots and layers. A layer consists of lines and a line consists of dots. I believe that there is Pure I or whatever we call spirit, soul or aura within our bodies.In daily life, we negotiate with it many times to make decisions between desire from the brain and desire from the heart. In this project, I wanted to concentrate on the inner mind rather than outside of the matrix system. Through my work I hope that viewers can reconsider their Pure I and this experience becomes the trigger to appreciate themselves. 

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